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Westrock roof deck in progress

Westrock roof deck in progress

Victoria’s City Councillors have been busy amending the Zoning Bylaws to prohibit Roof Decks. In most Cities Roof Decks are a welcome private oasis. At SOS Design we have incorporated several roof top gardens in our designs. Green roofs provide many benefits – added insulation for sound and temperature, reduced runoff, longer lasting roof membranes – to name just a few. The new zoning bylaws will prevent access and therefore make green roof designs less attractive and more difficult to maintain. So far, the Restricted Small Lot Zone R1-S2 has been spared – but not for long. The R1-S2 zone is a very small lot with little private green space left. The roof decks, provides a welcome private outdoor space.

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  • Oklahoma city roofers

    I don't know what to say. This is definitely one of the better blogs Ive read. You're so insightful, have so much real stuff to bring to the table. I hope that more people read this and get what I got from it: chills. Great job and great blog. I cant wait to read more.

  • Simthjustin

    great posting really so interesting. i like it because you know how to use roof for another things. Victoria BC Real Estate

  • anghit araw

    Wow! Nice roofing!!!
    Really love it.
    Swear to God, I'll have same roofing as this one. =)

  • Droitwich Roofing

    I am enjoying staying in our roof deck because I smell fresh air in that place. It is a place where you can relax and have fun.

  • Elizabeth Hoffnung

    Perhaps, not everyone will agree to prohibit roof decks, as installing such is an effective way to maximize space. Yes, green roof designs are beneficial to most people, but having plant boxes in the roof deck will make it more functional and eco-friendly.

  • Catherine Turner

    Roof is very vital in every houses.  This is the part where most of the attention will be place.  Every materials used must be secured in order to stand any type of weather condition.  I got my roof from the best Best Roofer in Milwaukee from JM Remodeling Wi

  • Linda Wise

    Seeing this gave me an idea on how to improve my friend’s rooftop. Her home design is almost the same with that one, though the rooftop is full of clutter and laundry stuff. Putting railings makes the area look better and makes it safer to stop by and have some meals and drinks. I’m pretty confident that it won’t cost that much, right?

  • Lenore Rushford

    To clarify, Zoning Bylaws is prohibiting roof decks to promote green roofs instead? Well, whatever they’re planning to do, both roof ideas are very functional. They have their own advantages that would benefit homeowners. Anyhow, why not implement both roof ideas? That would be fabulous rooftop, if ever.  

  • Cleanthorough

    It is great example of the blogging that really guiding in some ways…! so thanks for this blog.

  • Saundra Wordlaw

    I think it’s better to check and inspect roof decks or rooftops to see if they’re safe for homeowners, especially for children and the elderly. Some things that can ensure the security in a roof deck include fire exits and security gadgets.

  • Shelleyv

    Does anyone know if this bylaw was passed? Does Victoria not allow roof top decks? Has anyone challenged this bylaw?

  • peter

    Yes the bylaw was passed unanimously by counsil. It is a real step backward – Sad!

  • Roofer rochester

    Excellent post……

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