This new construction project was designed as a vacation home for a family of five who all enjoy socializing with their friends.

This large waterfront property features a 10,000 ft² “high-tech”, hurricane proof house, covered porches, horizon pool, extensive landscaping, dock-side kitchenette and bathroom, marina including floating teak dock.

The complexity of the main house “Tideway” requires full-time supervision and maintenance. Tideway Cottage was designed as modest 1,500 sf. accommodation for the on-site property managers featuring two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and a large living/dining room with exposed cedar rafters and beams opening onto a covered porch overlooking the water. Above the cottage, a small 530 sf. studio apartment is available for long-term guests.

The contract to design Tideway was won by a competition among five architects who were asked by the Client to submit anonymous entries.

tideway snapshot

  • Located in Pembroke, Bermuda
  • Completed summer 2000
  • Family vacation home
  • New Construction 930 m² (10,000 ft²)
  • Demonstrates our commitment to responsible design by incorporating many green building techniques
  • Winner, Grand Award for Residential Design, Bermuda Paint Building Design Awards 2001

Conceptual Ideas

  • orientation to sun (winter)/provision for shade (summer)/access to daylight/
  • separate hot water cylinder for each bathroom, enabling isolation when not in use
  • smart home controls- can be accessed via internet from abroad
  • collection of rainwater & storage for up to 40,000 imp. Gallons
  • reverse osmosis system in place as a back up source of water

Selection of Materials

  • reinforced concrete block construction to withstand hurricane forces
  • styrofoam roof system simulating traditional local slate roof while not depleting natural resources, also reduces deadload on structure.
  • low VOC paint and floor finishes
  • super-insulated fiberglass hot water cylinders placed close to point of use
  • low energy lighting- all low voltage (halogen) controlled by Lite Touch & dimmed 5% reducing energy consumption by 50%

Methods of Construction

  • Xypex additive used extensively in concrete & render (for waterproofing slabs, walls, tank)
  • permeable paving on driveway (unit pavers)
  • rainwater collection provides all domestic water
  • toilets flushed with grey water collected from balconies, patios & pool deck
  • ground sourced geothermal open loop system for heating and cooling (forced air)